Tourism and Gastronomy Conference Was Held

Tourism and Gastronomy Conference Was Held

08.05.2019 Çar 05:10

Istanbul Gelisim University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts has hosted Elite World Business Hotel General Manager Adem Armusen to make a presentation on “Tourism and Gastronomy”.

Tourism and Gastronomy Conference Was Held - Istanbul Gelisim University
Armusen has provided information on the relationship between kitchen and tourism, the influence of chefs in gastronomy tourism, development of quality and standards in hotel restaurants, molecular gastronomy, fusion cuisine, the role of universities in strengthening and developing quality food tourism, and finally the place and importance of gastronomy experts in the tourism sector.
Armusen said that the gastronomy experts working in the field of tourism have to bring together various disciplines when compared with others and that the experts who consider and implement these aspects become successful. He said: “Whatever you do, you should always have a good role model first”.
At the end of conference, Istanbul Gelisim University General Secretary Assistant Professor Dr. Serdar Çöp and Vice Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts Associate Professor Dr. Sevtap Aytuğ have presented plaque and appreciation certificate to Adem Armusen.


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